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Current Year Planner for Parents
(dates for parents' evenings, dances and discos, school trips etc)


We are only three weeks away from the Candlemas Balls, our main social events in the school calendar. We would ask you to encourage your youngster(s) to take advantage of the unique Candlemas experience that the school offers. We look forward to seeing pupils in their finery, particularly girls in ball gowns and boys in Highland dress - each year we try to break the record for the number of boys in kilts. It may be helpful for you to know that we will be reminding pupils of the basic 'rules' for dances:

•  Any pupil suspected of smoking or drinking alcohol prior to the dance will not be admitted and parents will be contacted to come and collect him/her. (Pupils are well aware of the strict 'no alcohol' rule that applies to all school events at all times)
•  A pupil who is absent from school on the day of a dance will not be able to attend and will have ticket money refunded.
•  Pupils will not be allowed to leave dances before the end without parental permission; no pupil will be readmitted to a dance after leaving.
•  Doors close half an hour after official start time; only pupils who have made special arrangements with Mr Forbes will be allowed in after that time.
•  Pupils should not make hair appointments during the school day.

Adult Candlemas

Following on from the two pupil Candlemas Balls, we have planned another adult Candlemas this year. It will be held on Saturday 2 February from 8.00pm until 12.30am in the Cochran Hall. Tickets cost £11.00. This price includes an excellent supper - if we are continuing with the tradition set in previous years!

The event is a major source of fundraising, as well as being an excellent evening for those attending! So dust down those dancing shoes and come and join us for this social highlight.

We still need volunteers to help at the event in setting out the hall, providing finger food for the supper and prizes for the raffle. Tickets can be bought at the school office or from Thomsons and offers of help or prizes will be willingly accepted. Please contact the school or a member of our fundraising team (Sarah Steele: 870356, Tina McDowall: 500285). We do need your support in this venture to boost school funds for the benefit of all pupils.

School Blazers and Jackets

We are seeing more pupils wearing blazers and jackets around school but would like to encourage even more. The jackets, especially, are proving popular and are very good value at £35 or £40 depending on size.

Should anyone prefer a traditional blazer, we have most sizes in stock (having purchased the total supply from Castle Corner) and we can sell these at a bargain price of £50. We also have a small number of second-hand blazers available from £10. Please note that if a jacket is ordered and not collected there is a charge of 25% of the cost of the jacket.

Mobile Phones

Most of our pupils follow the rules about mobile phone - switch off while in school and left outside examination rooms - but it would be useful if parents/carers reinforced these rules. We are also aware of the increasing use of mobile phones for sending inappropriate images and abusive texts and pupils have been told that such misuse of mobile phones is reported to the police. Should a pupil be found using a mobile phone in class (texting, sending or receiving a call), the phone is confiscated, a letter sent home and the phone returned at the end of the week after a parent has contacted the school to approve this.


Our Junior debating teams (Charles Houston/Helen Smith and Max Syed-Tollan/Calum Magee) did well in the first round of the ESU competition with Charles and Helen winning through to the second round. Senior debaters Ian Smith and Euan Gordon have also progressed to the second round of their competition, the Donald Dewar Memorial.

'Moving Away From Home' Day - Friday 25 January

As exam time is fast approaching, many of our youngsters will be planning to leave home for the first time. A 'moving away from home' day has been organised to give our school leavers help and advice and to learn techniques that will equip them for new challenges that they may face away from home. Presentations will be given by the Police, the Fire Brigade and the British Red Cross along with information from financial and accommodation advisors. It is hoped this will be a worthwhile day, and we would like to encourage all our school leavers to come along.

Hamburg 2008

This year makes the 10 th Anniversary of our Hamburg exchange and it is our year to visit Hamburg . This will take place during Activities Week - first week in June - possibly leaving on Saturday 31 May and returning 7 June. Based in Hamburg , the trip will also include 2 days in Berlin and a day trip to Lubeck . Some time will also be spent in our host school, Gymnasium Hochrad. Depending on flight prices, etc. the trip should cost £350 - £400. The trip will be open to S2 pupils and S4 pupils who don't have SQA exams that week. Any pupils interested in going on this trip should collect a parental consent form from Mrs Fulton by the end of January 2008.

Pondicherry Visit

Melissa Maxwell and Susan Wallace have recently returned from a visit to the schools in the Pondicherry area of Southern India which we have been supporting in the wake of the tsunami. The girls have had an amazing time there and we are looking forward to hearing all about their visit.


We will be extending this recycling initiative for one more week. Mobile phones, any age or condition, minus the SIM card, can be exchanged for Argos vouchers. Please support this Eco-School activity and help us reach our target of 200 phones. Pupils should bring their phones to Room 7 (Geography). Thank you Eco-School.

Bulbs for School

We have registered the school in a scheme that raises funds through the sale of garden bulbs and hope to use any monies to support work on our own school grounds being done by our Rural Skills class. Please have a look at the enclosed catalogue and order form.

Newsletter issued to pupils on the 14th January 2008
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